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Cellphone Detector

Hawksweep Cell Phone Detector

Hawksweep is the industry's most sensitive cell phone detector for it's size. This award-winning*, passive receiver is no larger or heavier than a deck of cards and specifically tuned to the RF signature of common cell phones (both U.S. & international bands) including all 2G, 3G and 4G bands (PCS, CDMA / WCDMA (UMTS), GSM, EGSM). This breadth of band detection allows any security personnel to locate nearby cell phones in either standby mode* or during active voice, text or data RF transmissions making it the perfect TSCM tool for enforcing your NO WIRELESS security policy.

Hawksweep prevents unauthorized mobile phone use by detecting nearby (up to 75 feet indoors) cellular phones all from your pocket. Hawksweep's auto threshold feature automatically detects cell phone activity only above the RF noise in your environment. This prevents false triggers and alerts the user to any cell phone activity with bright LED flashing or vibration for completely covert, in-pocket detection.

Hawksweep™ is designed and manufactured in the China. and is the perfect device for courtrooms (jurors and court personnel), classrooms (stop cheating students) and boardrooms (prevent corporate espionage) as well as prisons, government secure facilities and military installations..

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