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Portable Bug Detector

Best bug detector Multi Function Portable Bug, Wiretap and Camera Detector

Best Bug Detector This multifunction portable bug detector, wiretap and camera detector is possibly the only portable countermeasures sweep unit you will need to own. Its multifunctional set up makes it the best bug detector you will ever own. It is the only one you need to own. Not only will you be able to check for hidden transmitters and cameras you will be able to check your phone line for unwanted devices. As technology changes so do the means by which we can locate the newest devices. This multifunctional unit is accurate and reliable, if you have had bug detectors that could not find bugs you know are there this is the unit for you.  With its diverse array of functions users from novice to professional will be able to perform the most complete sweep for bugs and cameras with this multi functional unit. Includes connection for phones making this the best bug detector for over all protection of your personal privacy. Call us for a special discount.

Prevents the Following
Wire telephone tapping
Laser tapping
Recordings from a

 Voice Recorder
 Tape Recorder
 Digital Recorder